Our experience

Our team was one of the first in Russia to advise clients on the WTO law and international trade in general.

We have recently offered consultations on such issues as:
  •  compliance with the WTO law of the draft laws in the field of gas export;
  •  immediate effect of the WTO norms and the possibility of direct application of the GATT / WTO norms by the Russian state courts;
  •  parallel import of goods to Russia in the context of international agreements, including TRIPS (basic agreement of the WTO on trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights);
  •  compliance with the WTO law of the legislation on production sharing agreements and prospects of its modification in light of Russia’s accession to the WTO;
  •  Russia’s accession to the WTO and ensued consequences on various sectors and spheres of the economy (fuel-and-power sector, milk-and-cheese and alcoholic beverages industries, insurance services, etc.);
  •  imposition of quotas on supply of Ukrainian steel pipes into the territory of the states-members of the Customs Union as well as means of protection of the Russian business’ interests, including commencement of trade investigations;
  •  the prospects of Russia’s accession to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development;
  •  strategies of protection of the Russian business’s interests related to formation of legal infrastructure of the Asian power market;
  •  the prospects of the Energy Charter Treaty and the necessity of ratification thereof by Russia;
  •  activity of the energy companies in international and regional trade organizations.

In the light of current events impacting political and economic situation in Russia and the world, we have been recently advising our clients on the issues connected with the imposition of sanctions and counter measures, i.a., analyzing and working out mechanisms for the protection of businesses, which interests were directly or indirectly affected.

We implement projects not only in the context of global trading platforms (the WTO, the OECD) but also in the context of regional associations, paying particular attention to the EAEU law.

Our recent projects in this sphere are connected with consulting our clients on such issues as:
  •  planned “tax manoeuvre” in the light of signing the Agreement on the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU);
  •  signing of the Agreement on the EEU and relevant amendments to regulation of the fuel-and-power sector;
  •  effective agreements in the fuel-and-power sector between Russia and members of the Customs Union, Russia and Armenia, Russia and Kirghizia in the context of signing the Agreement on the EEU;
  •  analytical estimation of the established approaches and tendencies in the law enforcement practice of the EEC court (formerly — the EurAsEC court) and the prospects of protection of the Russian business’ interests in that court;
  •  estimation of the consequences of signing the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement for the Russian business, i.a,. in the context of the Eurasian Economic Union legislation.
We are best known for our integrated and flexible approach to resolution of the most difficult and diverse problems lying at the junction of law and economy and geopolitics.

We also advise our clients on the issues of antitrust regulation within the EEU, the CIS, the EU and other jurisdictions.

Knowledge and proper application of supranational and foreign antitrust legislation play the key role in the context of international trade and investments.

Having absolute expert opinion in this field and working with leading experts of the CIS and European countries, our firm is implementing complex projects in the sphere of antitrust regulation and is able to represent clients’ interests on antitrust issues in EEC and other foreign and supranational bodies.

The detailed description of our cases in the RF Constitutional Court may be found at: www.kslitigation.ru

One of the unique spheres of our work is the representation of the clients’ interests in the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation.

For example, our firm supported the application of 131 deputies of the State Duma with two requests to the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation about gross violations committed in the course of Russia’s accession to the WTO both in terms of content and form of such accession.

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